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  • To improve quality of health and life by proving accurate, updated, fact based & practical study base which is way to understand and adapt in daily life.
  • To Create skilled employees in fitness industry. Keeping in mind rapid growth of fitness Fitness industry and increasing demand of certified fitness professionals.
  • Making professional qualification affordable without compromising on quality and knowledge standards, we are clearly targeting to empower fitness professionals.


GURU MANN “Its my dream to make India Health problem free”

Guru Mann owns multiple businesses in US including sports supplement company "GM Nutrition”, which received "Emerging Nutrition Brand of the Year 2018" Award.
His education background is exercise & sports science, sports nutrition from California University.
His Mission is to see Indian community fit and health problem free. Recalling the incident which motivated him to take up this initiative and that too without any cost, Guru Mann said:

“It was 2010 in San Francisco when I was warming up in the Gym before one of my photo shoots. I was shirtless and there came a foreigner lady (aged 42-48) who was completely impressed by my physique and fitness.  She told me “I like your skin tone & physique, where you are from - Middle East or Italy?”
When I told her I am Indian she couldn’t believe it and said, “Don’t take me wrong but I have never seen Indians fit”. I don’t know if it was a compliment or comment but it pinched me hard and from there on my journey of ‘Mission India Fit’ started.

India is currently one of the sickest nations as per recent data surveys, not jut in terms of diseases, fitness as well. Mission India Fit is Guru Mann's goal to change how India is placed on the global map, in terms of health and fitness.


Mr. SheruHarmeetAangrish is India’s first true entrepreneur in the field of Bodybuilding. As the second person from India to get an IFBB Pro Card, he paved the way for Sheru Classic, the first international level Professional Bodybuilding Championship in Asia which is ranked third worldwide after Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic with the world’s third largest cash prize being offered in the category.

SheruHarmeetAangrish has pioneered the transformation of the nascent Bodybuilding industry to its true potential of a popular sport in India. The journey will be long and treacherous but Sheru has taken the first step towards reaching his goal of ‘Transform-Nation’.

HEMANT AANGRISH “I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated.”

A name that has become synonymous to the sports and Body building in the country India, Hemant Angrish from the very famous IRON BROTHERS fame is a completely self made man.

After the immense success of Sheru Classic in 2010 ,which was initiated and structured by him , he was awarded  in 2012 ,as the Best Show Promoter, People’s Choice Award by Flex Magazine.

With his in-depth understanding of both the system ,the shortcomings as well as the athletes or sportspersons passion ,MrAngrish ensured that he would put in all his efforts to change the scenario of sports and bodybuilding in India. Owing to his rich experiences and travels throughout the world, he gave his best to this industry, and is a force to reckon with.