CNC-Certified Nutrition Coach

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CNC-Certified Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach Program is designed for health and fitness professionals who want to gain basic and deep understanding of nutrition, learn how to help clients implement healthy food choices into their daily routine and understand how to address special nutritional needs for different types of clients, from those simply looking to get healthier to competitive athletes. Read More ≫

1.Nutrition & its importance

2.Micro & Macronutrients

3.Detail of Macros (Protein/Carbs/Fat)

4.Detail of Micros (Vitamins/minerals)

5.Body Mass Index

6.Basal Metabolic Rate

7.Glycemic Index

8.Complex & Simple Carbs

9.Understanding of Nutrition Label

10.Macro Breakdown

11.Food Chart

12.How to customize a Nutrition Plan for Muscle  Building

13.How to customize a Nutrition Plan for Fat/Weight loss

14.How to customize a Plan for Maintenance.

15.Step by Step Information

16.Daily Assignments


  • Course Length: 4 Weeks
  • Course Language: English
  • Certificate: Issue by GMSA
  • Classes: Online & Offline
  • Online Exam: Online for Online Students
  • Offline Exam: Offline for Offline Students
NOTE: Once you purchase the course, we will send you the Welcome email in 48 hours with instructions on how to join the Online classes.
₹22,900.00 ( include 18% GST )
Buy Now